The host

Gavin Cooley - Former CFO, City of Spokane

Serving as the CFO of the City of Spokane under five mayors over 18 years, Gavin has a unique perspective on the crisis of those experiencing homelessness in our community.

Featured Guests

The Experts

Dr. Ed Byrnes

Professor of Social Work | Eastern Washington University

Julie Garcia

Founder, Jewels Helping Hands | Camp Hope, Spokane

Shaunti & Joseph

Residents, Camp Hope

Maurice Smith

Documentarian | Camp Hope, Spokane

"Humanizing The Homeless"

"We've got to start by seeing people as human beings, as sons and daughters, people who are going through life's worst moments that you and I only have nightmares about. They're having to live through it. As a Christian I say, "I need to see them as people created in God's image." And if he loved them enough to create them, he probably wants me to love them enough to help them through this time."

Maurice Smith
Episode 3

"A Hand Up"

"If anything, it's humbling. Everybody needs not a hand out, just a hand up."

Joseph & Shaunti
Episode 2

"All In This Together"

"We've got to stop pitting one person against the other; us versus them, homeless people versus housed people. Community is what these folks need to exit this situation. It's what they need to spark some kind of hope and it's happening. It's happening all around us. What needs to happen is the city officials and the businesses need to come together and realize we have such a motivation from the community to solve this problem, we've got to start working on it together. And let's invest in our community because finding a place for these guys to exist that they will come to and use is only a win for everybody."

Julie Garcia
Episode 2

"Homeless People Struggling"

"The most important thing I hope people takeaway is, when you see someone who's living on the street, understand that there could be any number of reasons they are there."

Ed Byrnes
Episode 1

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Housing & Help

“Housing and Help” was formed by the Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium (SLIHC) to provide an ongoing educational web series about Spokane’s unhoused population.  Produced by Corner Booth Media, the goal of this web series is to provide the community with factual information about how the unhoused population has grown to the size it is today and evidence-based solutions to reduce the number of our neighbors living on the streets.  



SLIHC is the Spokane Low Income Housing Consortium.  SLIHC is a membership group dedicated to everyone in Spokane County having affordable housing.  SLIHC accomplishes this through education, advocacy and research at the local, state and federal level.



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